21 março 2020

Yorg 0.11 Released, Now With Split-Screen Multiplayer!

Yorg, the Panda3D based arcade racer has been updated to version 0.11 which includes some long awaited features. Most notably split-screen multiplayer:

Really cool is also the new controller support and awesome particle effects (a pet-peeve of mine in previous versions ;) ).
Add to that some significant performance improvements due to an update to the latest version of Panda3d.

Read the full release announcement on the Yorg website here. And download it from itch.io.

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19 março 2020

Fall In! 2019

I ran my third Warmaster Revolution tournament at Fall In! this past weekend. We had 12 players, with two bailing in the third round. Everyone had a good time and is looking forward to Cold Wars. I also managed to get my Dwarves on bases for it as well.

Kal also ran the Epic Armageddon tournament again as well. I believe we had 12 players for this one, which is one of the biggest yet. I played Lou's Blood Angels, Brad's Titan Legion and Coach's Black Legion over the course of three rounds.