20 fevereiro 2020

PUBG Mobile Erangel Map Is Getting A Redesign

About Erangel map:

Erangel map is one of the four playable maps in PUBG. According to a research, more than 80% of PUBG players love Erangel map. This may be due to the existence of high loot, good weapons, tall grass, good hiding locations etc. Erangel map has also a sad untold story.

Reasons behind the update:

Recently, PUBG Corp announced an update regarding Erangel map. This is because many PUBG mobile players have complained to the official PUBG support regarding Erangel map. According to them, they have experienced the following problems:

 The increase of bugs and glitches in Erangel map.

2. The increase of lag while playing PUBG.

. The sudden crashing of the game while playing in Erangel map.

 Famous loot locations like Georgopol, Sosnovka military base etc. have very few loots now. 

Understanding the problems of PUBG players, PUBG developers have taken a big decision. They decided that Erangel map will be redesigned to improve such errors. They are working on the development of Erangel map. They added that this could take a few months time to finish. 

Since loot locations are lacking loot so they assured that the new updated Erangel map will have proper loot locations. They mentioned that some parts of the Erangel map may be changed to make it more interesting for players. 

The PUBG team have also decided to work on bugs and glitches and lagging of servers and to improve gameplay.

Which parts will be updated?

An image went viral through a Reddit post when a user posted it claiming that the red dots in the image will be updated in Erangel map. The image is given below:

PUBG mobile erangel map update
Source: Imgur                       Erangel map update locations

The PUBG team responded to the image saying" As some of you inferred from recent leaks of a map image, we are working on new ways to balance loot and otherwise improve our maps, Erangel being the first. The addition of compounds is just one way we're testing internally, but is certainly not the ONLY way."

They later added that" Keep in mind that leaked images are usually just a snapshot in time and rarely represent the entire plane or scope of what's being worked on."

The above words said by PUBG Corp. may suggest that after the Erangel map update, the other maps may be redesigned too.

Release date:

As mentioned above, this update of Erangel map will take a few months time for PUBG developers to finish. The PUBG team has not officially announced any date.

But we expect to get this update after 0.11.5 update i.e  0.12.0 or  0.12.5  update version.

Are you excited about this Erangel map update? What are your thoughts about this update and what update you want? We are curious to know in the comments section below!

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