15 março 2018

Glisser LIVE is now available


After four months of client testing, we're pleased to announce Glisser LIVE is now available to all Glisser users.

Glisser LIVE combines our audience participation software with a live video feed for your remote attendees. You can use it in combination with Glisser's regular mobile product at your physical event (creating a 'hybrid event') or as a standalone solution to create interactive webcasts or virtual events.

There are tonnes of benefits and user cases - here's just a few...
  • Supplement your in-room attendees (and interactions) with a virtual audience online
  • Increase eyeballs on your (or your sponsors') content and gather more audience data
  • Create a secondary revenue opportunity by selling virtual event tickets
  • Engage a cross-regional workforce without flying them all to one location, perhaps with a multi-hub approach
  • Create a 'green meeting' that generate more engagement than a typical webinar
  • Train hundreds or thousands of people at once all around the world, and use live-quizzing to gauge their learning instantly
  • Run webcasts with integrated 'spot polls' to stop people logging in, listening, but actually doing something else
  • Let team members create their own live training content with just a slide deck and a webcam
  • Build up an integrated portfolio of video, slide and interaction content to share post event

Wow - that escalated quickly....

Read more here, or get in touch for a demo.

- The Glisser Team
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